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Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) - Silver
Name Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) - Silver
Description PSP (Silver colour) - Console, Clear crystal casing, Power adapter, 4GB Memory Stick, Screen Protector
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Name FIFA 08
Description PSP, Action - a professional player with a new mode called Be a Pro: Co-op Season that challenges you to master the same disciplines as a real professional football player - from positioning and tackling to anticipating an attack and passing.
Price SGD 35.00 Add to cart
Description PSP, Action - Create, customise, and control different neighbourhoods as you delve into the mysteries of Stangetown and strive to uncover its secrets.
Price SGD 36.00 Add to cart
Sid Meiers Pirates
Name Sid Meiers Pirates
Description PSP, Action - game tests a wide range of skills hand-eye coordination during the fencing sections, tactical ability during the land and sea combat phases, and strategic thinking.
Price SGD 45.00 Add to cart
Fading Shadow
Name Fading Shadow
Description PSP, Action - Puzzle games are seeing something of a renaissance, albeit bolstered by the addition of a handful of new genre infusions
Price SGD 60.00 Add to cart
Transformers The Game
Name Transformers The Game
Description PSP, Action - Envision the dullest possible game about giant robots beating one another up, and then find a way to make it even duller
Price SGD 45.00 Add to cart
Jeanne Darc
Name Jeanne Darc
Description PSP, Action - has an amount of historical accuracy when it comes to the cast of characters, and contains many who were contemporaries and allies of Joan of Arc. This contrasts starkly with the many fantasy elements of the game
Price SGD 45.00 Add to cart
Killzone Liberation
Name Killzone Liberation
Description PSP, Action - Killzone is reborn in this consistently intense, periodically infuriating, yet undeniably enjoyable handheld tactical shooter
Price SGD 35.00 Add to cart
Wipeout Pulse
Name Wipeout Pulse
Description PSP, Action - Wipeout Pulse is the follow-up to Wipeout Pure, an original PlayStation Portable launch game when the console arrived in 2005
Price SGD 45.00 Add to cart
Final Fantasy Fables Chocobos Dungeon
Name Final Fantasy Fables Chocobos Dungeon
Description Wii, Action - Final Fantasy flavorings keep this dungeon crawler enjoyable for fans in spite of some tiresome and frustrating elements.
Price SGD 59.00 Add to cart
BWii Battlelion Wars 2
Name BWii Battlelion Wars 2
Description Wii, Action - Battalion Wars also brought real-time control to the battlefield - you could issue commands to your various units while you simultaneously used the GCN pad to maneuver a single fighter across the war zone
Price SGD 59.00 Add to cart
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